• A Deeper Understanding of Racism

    This symposium offers refuge for youth to share their experiences, and gaining clarity on overt and covert racism. Strategies will be discussed to help youth recognize their own prejudices, in an effort to create more effective leaders.

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  • Cinnamongirl, Inc. Hosting Screening

    I am a Girl, is an inspirational feature length documentary that paints a clear picture of the reality of being a girl in the 21st century. The screening is open to the public, reserve tickets by April 10. View trailer.

  • Mindset of Leadership

    This expert-led workshop will teach young achievers about perseverance, tenacity and the courage to lead in the face of adversity.

  • No Gift Is Too Small, Make A Pledge Today!

    CGI is a pipeline for girls of color in leadership. Our empowering Cinnamongirl Cohort™ will support 60 young women in taking leadership roles in their communities. Help transform an “ordinary” girl into the extraordinary leader she can be.


  • A Conversation with Melody Hobson

    Cinnamongirl, Inc. celebrated her 10th Year of Excellence with an autumn afternoon of fundraising and a meaningful conversation about courage and passion. Over 270 of the Bay Area’s leaders and entrepreneurs gathered to support and learn more about our honorees and keynote speaker, Melody Hobson.

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CGI participants rely on scholarships through community support. Please consider a generous contribution.

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  • Who is a Cinnamongirl?

    A Cinnamongirl is a girl, age 11 - 17, who has a vision for her life. She is a girl who strives for academic success and desires to have an enriched personal life. She is curious and may sometimes feel different from her peers, yet special. A Cinnamongirl wants to be a change agent in the greater community.

  • What is Cinnamongirl Inc.?

    Cinnamongirl Inc. (CGI) is an Oakland, California based mentoring organization for ambitious girls of color. CGI delivers a 9 month curriculum of workshops and forums that focus on leadership, development through financial literacy, health and wellness, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education and college preparedness. Mentoring relationships with highly motivated, professional women, help Cinnamongirls develop her strengths and talents with confidence.

  • Why a Cohort of girls of Color?

    A Cinnamongirl can be found in every family, school and church community.

    She may be one of the few girls-of-color in her school, quietly learning all that she can about science, mathematics, literature and history. She is in search of her voice. And she desires to be surrounded by other highly motivated girls with dreams. Cinnamongirls require and receive support from a village that believes, guides, and reassures her through every step of her journey.

"The Cinnamongirl program has helped me to come out of my shell by developing my confidence and showing me I can be a leader."

-Kendyl Johnson, Age 13

  • Mission Statement

    To provide girls with access, experiences and a network of influential leaders that empower them to take charge of their lives and grow into successful leaders.

  • The Program

    The Cinnamongirl 9 or 10 mos program (September-June) hosts 1-2 workshops per month which are 3-4 hours in length. Each workshop is designed to develop a young girl's leadership skills through a series of structured exercises led by professional facilitators and community leaders. The interactive activities focus on building character and life skills. Read More >>

  • Why Support Us?

    We are results driven and rely on your generosity to support and assist us in financially sustaining our organization.

    • 100% of Cinnamongirl graduates, attend a four-year college or have graduated from college
    • GPAs improve significantly after 1 year
    • 100% of participants take on a leadership role before graduating high school
    • 67% of CGI graduates and interns pursue graduate degrees

    In that spirit, we ask you to make a commitment to donate to our Annual Giving Campaign as well as consider giving of your time and talent as a volunteer.

Over one hundred million dollars are dedicated to boys of color mentoring programs, while less than one million is dedicated to comparable girls' programs.

-African American Policy Forum

  • Our Leadership Team

    Committed to the empowerment of girls, the Cinnamongirl Inc., (CGI) board members are accomplished professionals from various industries and leadership levels. The CGI Board of Directors meets the first Wednesday of each month. We seek new members throughout the year requiring members to volunteer to run a project before joining. Our minimal commitment is 2 years. Please forward your resume or curricula vitae to info@cinnamongirl.org. Read More >>

  • Our Mentors

    Central to the fulfillment of CGI's mission are the relationships cultivated between the mentors and the Cinnamongirls.

    Each year, CGI recruits highly motivated, professional women from diverse backgrounds and career paths to become mentors to the girls. During their two year commitment, CGI mentors nurture bonds with each Cinnamongirl thereby fostering a sustained "sisterhood", and providing an environment in which each girl can develop her unique self.

    As each mentor shares her life and career experiences during monthly meetings, empowerment dialogues, and enrichment trips, they collectively expose Cinnamongirls to a breadth of perspectives. Read More >>

  • Our Staff & Volunteers

    CGI could not continue to provide the high quality program it delivers without the support and commitment of its staff and the professional men and women from the community who volunteer. Read More >>

    If you would like to contribute to the advancement of girls, please contact us.