The Program

Leadership Development

Our 9 month long program runs from September – June and is for girls ages
11-17 from all socio-economic backgrounds. Each month features workshops that are professionally facilitated with mentors participating alongside the Cinnamongirls. These enriching workshops focus on 4 keys areas with leadership development integrated throughout the program.

Illustration of Curriculum Topics

Health, Wellness & Mind
  • Learning & Your Brain – Brainology by Carol Dweck, PhD
  • What Makes a Healthy Body
  • Love and Emotional Intelligence
  • Women Shattering the Glass Ceiling
  • Understanding Colorism & Racism
  • Understanding Why Girls Bully
Financial Literacy, Investing & Career Paths

(CHIC: Cinnamongirl Holistic Investment Club)

  • Saving and Investing 101
  • Female Investing
  • Wealth vs. Poverty Mindset
College Preparedness
    • I am Amazing – Cinnamongirl 1 day Retreat
    • Colleges & Female Leadership Development
    • Preparing for the College Admissions Process
    • Making the Most of Your Summer
    • Your Personal Statement | Writing Workshop

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math)

  • Afternoon at the Theatre
  • Intro to Java, Alice
  • Career Paths in STEAM
  • Science and Innovative Thinkers

“When women lead, companies thrive and the world becomes a better place…When women lead, everyone benefits”

– Renée Richard,

Cinnamongirl Founder


“I have a group of people who are genuinely interested in my life and I can share things with.”

– Soncerrae Walker, Age 15

Prospective Cinnamongirl

Cinnamongirls are ambitious and determined individuals who want to accomplish greatness with the support of other young girls, mentors, and influential people. We seek girls who have a desire and commitment to academic success, personal growth, and leadership development.


We have few requirements but we take them very seriously.

  • 2 Strong Letters of Recommendation (Leader or Teacher who knows you well.)
  • Attend a Cinnamongirl Inc. Information Meeting and Personal Interview
  • Demonstrate a Desire to Achieve
  • Annual Commitment to the Cinnamongirl Contract and Code of Conduct

Annual Program Cost 2014: $750.00 (Scholarships Awards may be granted to those demonstrating need)

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Climbing the Ladder Speaker Series

“Climbing the Ladder” is a series of community events that enable us to reach a broader group of girls (and boys), parents, mentors, and community leaders who are unable to commit to our 9 or 10 months program. Our events allow us to bring much needed information to the greater community. Importantly, this series also serves as a vehicle to allow our young women a platform to practice their leadership skills in organizing, moderating, and voicing their opinions within a community forum that is both enriching and thought-provoking.

  • Diversity and Inclusion Makes for a Competitive Edge
  • Understanding Colorism & Racism
  • Women Shattering the Glass Ceiling
  • Wealth vs. Poverty Mindset
  • Colleges Focused on Female Leadership Development
  • Making the Most of Your Summers
  • Expressions – Dance and Poetry for Girls ages 9 – 12

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I’m so grateful for Cinnamongirl because it has helped me become a better, smarter more confident me! Most importantly, Cinnamongirl has given me sisters.

– Simone Stenson, Age 14

Parental Involvement

Case studies have shown that most mentoring programs fail because they do not recognize the powerful influence parents and the immediate environment have on the participants. To ensure success, a mentoring program must have “buy in” and consistent support from the participants parents and grandparents.

Understanding this, CGI works directly with parents and care providers, encouraging and assisting them to use their influence to support their daughters in their work in the program.

In order for us to achieve great success we need the positive reinforcement from the power influence the parents and care providers