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It is our pleasure to work with educators and community leaders. Together, we will ensure the girl that is working diligently in school and extracurricular activities is recognize and supported by a community who understands her, and will encourage her throughout her journey.

Feel free to refer a girl to our program, or we can come to you for a brief presentation of our work. We have many schools partnering with us as we must work together in supporting our kids that are doing their very best.

Take a moment and refer a girl to Cinnamongirl, Inc. or join our mailing list.

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“I’m so grateful for Cinnamongirl because it has helped me become a better, smarter more confident me! Most importantly, Cinnamongil has given me sisters. I have a group of people who are genuinely interested in my life and I can share things with.”

-Soncerrae Walker, Age 15